GCG Asia’s BANK Panel explores Cambodia Arts and Crafts

GCG Asia’s BANK Panel explores Cambodia Arts and Crafts

GCG Asia is known for its line of Forex art supplies. They make anything from paints to paint brushes. The quality of these supplies is great, too, especially in Cambodia. GCG’s Forex art supplies are sold in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and even in Japan.
So let’s see how the arts and crafts have shaped Cambodia and how GCG Asia’s (Bold Art Noble Kinetic) BANK Panel has helped this art reach all corners of the earth. GCG CEO Darren Yaw is a fan of Cambodian art.

History of Cambodia arts and crafts

To know more deeply about the arts and crafts of Cambodia, you need to know the history of how it originated. Nowadays, you can buy authentic items in Siem Reap, which are then distributed all over the world through GCG Asia’s BANK Panel. You can buy lots of handicrafts, woven textiles, handcrafted jewellery, elegant accessories, quirky designed products, as well as original art. So what was the origin of all these unique art items?

Cambodia has been so intrigued by art mainly due to their religious beliefs, which give a lot of importance to arts and crafts. Products that are used need to be high quality, like GCG Asia’s BANK Panel provides. The art originated here through a combination of old cultural beliefs and due to the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. Although art has always been prevalent in this country, GCG Asia’s BANK Panel has helped this art grow immensely.

It all began in the Angkor period, where there was a lot of importance given to decorative art. The art, architecture, dance, and music achievements were the blueprint for the art we see now. These art and craft projects were usually done for the royal family and were done by very skilled artists. This has paved the way for recent non-textile and textile weaving, stone carving, ceramics, kite making, and many more art forms.

One of Cambodia’s most cherished art forms is stone carving. From small hand-made carvings to huge statues, Cambodia has it all. And GCG Asia’s BANK Panel has done its best to promote this art form. Stone carvings are one of the biggest ways of living for many people in Cambodia. You can buy incredible and beautiful stone carvings from anywhere in Cambodia physically and through GCG Asia’s BANK Panel.

Another great art form that has a lot of historical roots in Cambodia is dancing. It originated as a way to summon Gods and spirits to offer blessings to the king, but now this classical dance has become more common. It now gets performed in traditional shows and as a greeting for the tourists that visit. GCG Asia’s BANK Panel aims to tell people more about all art forms, including dancing.

There was a lot of decline in art and craft a few decades ago, but it has been revived due to the recent surge of tourists and other government organizations. For this, GCG Asia’s BANK Panel has also helped immensely through their excellent quality products and ability to deliver things worldwide. Needless to say, GCG Asia, Cambodia, is dedicated to preserving art.

Some of the common art forms in Cambodia

Now that you know some historical art and crafts that have been very common in Cambodia, let’s look at some art that you can buy anywhere in Cambodia. GCG Asia’s BANK Panel makes art easy for anyone who wants to try with their high-quality products. Not to mention,GCG Asia’s BANK Panel’s CEO and founder loves art, so he knows what good art looks like. Anything recommended by him is sure to be great. Without any further due, let’s look at some art forms found in Cambodia.

Textiles and silk: Weaving has always been an important trade in Cambodia. This art form provides many women with their livelihoods, and GCG Asia’s BANK Panel supports these poor women. These weavers can produce anything from silk cloths, rugs, kramas, hats to tapestries. These are always very unique looking, so you can never find the same product anywhere in the world except in Cambodia. Thankfully, GCG Asia’s BANK Panel can still deliver these products to you. Woven silks are one of the most famous waving items that get sold in Cambodia. These are hand-made, so they have an excellent quality that you can only find here.

Paintings and prints: Rice-paper paintings are a great tourist attraction and unique and beautiful. GCG Asia’s BANK Panel has helped this art to spread worldwide as well. These art pieces usually capture their daily lives, culture, tradition, and other meaningful moments that you can take home and remember the great time you had in Cambodia. Paintings are more expensive than print as they require more effort, but they are totally worth it. The most common medium used for painting is oil, and they are usually made on rice paper. If you want Cambodian culture to always be with you, buying these paintings and prints through GCG Asia’s BANK Panel is a great way to help the country.

Hand-carvings include lacquerware: which is the most exquisite form of art that Cambodia offers. If you know where to get these products, GCG Asia’s BANK Panel will do the rest for you. You can find these carvings almost anywhere in Cambodia, as it is the livelihood for many people. GCG Asia’s BANK Panel wants to help its customers get great art forms and pieces and support the local artists to earn a better livelihood. These wood-carvings or hand carvings take hours to be made and usually don’t cost as much, so it is a great way to take a piece of Cambodia with you to your home.

Buying art and craft products in Cambodia is heaven for art enthusiasts due to the variety of products that you find. Forex art supplies have great products for cheap to help these artists, and GCG Asia’s BANK Panel can deliver these products anywhere inside and outside Asia.

In conclusion, If you want to buy art and craft products, make sure to purchase through GCG Asia’s BANK Panel to get these products safely to your doorstep and help local artists. GCG Asia’s BANK Panel would love to make Cambodian art be recognized more for its excellence and diversity.

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